Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mrs. Kentucky Pageant

On Saturday I traveled to Louisville Kentucky with my pageant Director after having a photo shoot. In Louisville me and Pageant sisters gathered to watch a new member be crowned Mrs. Kentucky. This was a wonderful experience. I was able to hang out with Alysha Harris Miss USA 2008 , which was the first time I had saw her since passing our crowns on to this years title holders. Mrs. Kentucky had a lot of great contenders, however Christy Stucker won the title, and will have a wonderful year as Mrs. Kentucky 2009. After the pageant we went back to Lisa's for some pizza and bounding! It was a wonderful experience.

Until Next Time,
Love Shannen

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prom =]

This Past Saturday I finally got to attend my first actual prom being a junior and all. It was a blast! I woke up at about 9 to start getting everything out and together. Then I went over to the friends house to start on makeup. My hair apt was not until 2 so I had quite a long time to get ready. I went with my friend Kellie to get her hair done and she came back with me. I must say our hair looked amazing. After we got dressed we stopped by the florists to pick up our GORGEOUS flowers. It was almost time!! My boyfriend, me, and our closet friends all took pictures together to start off the evening. Then following we all went out to eat at RENO's. Our food was quite delicious. My friend Haylee & I were choosen to be the emcees at Grand March, so that was next on the agenda. We had a blast announcing after we got started. We were a little nervous at first I wont lie.
By the time Grand March was over it was 7:30 and prom started at 8:00, we hurried over to Prom and got in line so we could get in faster. We didn't want to waste any time. Our theme was an Evening in Paris, and the decorations were gorgeous, the music was great, and all my friends were there it was a perfect night. I danced almost every song rarely taking a break, even though I felt like I was about to die. & when 11:45 rolled around we got ready to leave and head over to Project Prom! Which is where a long night ahead begins. There is so much you can do to win fake money for the auction where you can win some great prizes, like flat screens, laptops, fridges, microwaves, etc. The inflatables was my favorite part, if you couldn't find me you must not have been looking there. My friend Haylee and I got a little competeive racing on the slide, and the obstacle course. I'll admit it though she did beat me on the slide, but I kicked her butt on the obstacle course! lol So it was a long night, but a lot of fun I went to bed at about 6:30 a.m. and got up the next day at 3:15 but I wouldn't change it for the world.
All the pic's are from the event's told in the story only backwards!! =]

Until next time,
Love Shannen

Cosmo Model & Talent Meeting.

On May 11th I went for another meeting with COSMO Model & Talent agency. It was loads of fun, made some new friends, met with my agent, and learned some new info about the industry. I am extremely excited to start working. Only one more class & I'm ready to go. May 30th, will be the last time there before I seriously start working. I have already got my portfolio, now I just need the Handbook and my comp. cards & I'm ready to go! I should be getting them next week! I'm super excited. I'm so ready to be FAMOUS! lol

Until next time,
Love Shannen

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cecilia Perez (Haute Couture) Photo Shoot.

Yesterday I had an amazing Opportunity to shoot in some of Cecilia Perez's Designs. They were absolutely stunning. I wish I could own them but they are fairly expensive. =[ Anyways It was a long day shooting, from 2ish til almost 8. We Kinda got lost on the way, mom isn't good with directions. lol I shot about 4 different looks of her's. And Seeings how we shot downtown in Frankfort Ky, I had to change in the which made for some funny looking outfits when I was done changing. Lisa(my director) brought her to sweet as can be daughters along, they made they day even more interesting and kept me laughing and smiling. All in all it was a great experience. Cecilia seems very pleased with the pictures, and has even talked about working with me in New York, and coming here herself to do a even larger shoot next time. I'm very excited & I'll keep you all informed with what happens next. =]

Until Next Time,
Love Shannen

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dreaming of a Dress Event =]

This past Saturday I was included in one of my funnest appearances yet. I along with a lot of other title holders in Kentucky got to help 20 wonderful girls pick out a perfect prom gown & shoes, get their hair and makeup done, and then have a fashion show. The young girl I was partnered with name was Emi, she was the sweetest girl I had ever met, she attends Brian Station and her prom is this Saturday. The Dress she chose was short and purple with silver and black polka dots, which was cool because my prom dress is polka dots. It was wonderful getting to watch these young ladies with so much spirit find their dress. The Wedding Center in Lexington Ky was the wonderful store that made the event possible. The Lexington Fayette Urban County Government partners with The Wedding Center to make the Dreaming of a Dress Program a reality for those young ladies. I encourage all of you to get involved for next year! Below is how.

What can you do to help?
*Donate a gown you no longer can use
*Ask others for donations
*Join us to help these girls celebrate their accomplishment and select their Dream Gown
Until Next Time,
Love, Shannen =]

First Photoshoot as Miss Teen KY World.

On April. 11, Lisa(my director) did a photoshoot of me after winning my title. It was a couple hours long and consisted of around 5 different outfits. I love taking pictures, and this shoot was a lot of fun even though it was really cold out lol. We did some normal cute stuff, as well as some really high fashion fun stuff. I got a lot of great pictures that I love!! =]

I look forward to having more shoots with her in the future.
This Saturday should be fun because I have a shoot with her dressed in Cecilia Perezs' clothing line "Haute Couture." Go to her website and check her line out, It's AMAZING! You'll see why I'm so Excited.

Check back in for Pictures and details from that Shoot.
Until Next Time,
Love Shannen.

Home At Last Charity Event.

Since I just got this set up, I'm going to catch you all up on appearance's I've already made!

The Home At Last Charity was my first Appearance as Miss Teen Ky World. I got to make this appearance with my "Pageant Sis",Jesslyn (left in picture) which was really fun. Home At Last Rescue (HAL) plays an active role in this "no-kill" movement by rescuing animals from city shelters, providing temporary foster care, and bringing these animals to the public for placement in high-quality, loving homes. At this event there was live entertainment, food, and auctions. The auction is how most of the money was raised for the evening, other then donations and the small cost to attend. I personally love animals so being included in such a miraculous cause was great. The Home At Last organizations are always having events to help raise money to help them house their pets. If your an animal lover check out their website to get involved there is always something you can do to help. Also attend their next event if your able it really is an awesome experience.